Sardinia on my yacht

The little hilly Argentina is no longer the island lost in the heart of the Mediterranean that it was. Despite the urbanization, the Sardinian coasts still offer a wild natural splendor. Thanks to your yacht charter & sale company, give yourself the opportunity to sail between the small islands of the Maddalena archipelago.

View from a cave of a yacht.

Between mountains and seas

Discover the small Sardinian roads that all lead to a hilltop village, a Romanesque church of ancient times, the famous Sardis nuraghe that you will only know if you’ve been there before. While in Alghero, enjoy the privilege of traveling on your own luxury yacht charter to reach the Neptune caves on your own, especially to avoid the steps on the mainland.

Visit Castelsardo

Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Sardinia and Italy, this medieval jewel is dominated by the castle, intact for over a thousand years. Its low houses and its historic center captivate all its visitors. You cannot go wrong with this yachting destination; the beauties of the Mediterranean Sea offer countless natural jewels. Moreover, Castelsardo is in the center of the Gulf of Asinara where it is possible to see the mountains of Corsica on a clear day.

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